Business Breakfast flight “Digital transformation“

We hope that you do not suffer from a fear of flying. On a 120-minute trip we will fly over new territory and discover valuable ideas for your journey into the digital future of your company.

New methods are providing organisations with the tools they need to focus on the requirements of their customers. You will probably experience some turbulences on your way to digital transformation, but our competent and skilled crew will be by your side.

Your company is facing the following questions:

  • Do you already have a new, digital business model in place that focuses uncompromisingly on the requirements of your end customers?
  • Do you regard “digital transformation” as an opportunity or as a threat?
  • Are your customers at the centre of your attention?
  • Have you already gained experience with innovative methods?
  • And what is the concrete answer to these developments for your company?
  • Und wie lautet konkret die Antwort auf diese Entwicklungen für Ihr Unternehmen?

Our exclusive Business Breakfast Roadshow taking place in May 2019 with stops in Bern, Zurich, Basel, St. Gallen, Lucerne, Lausanne and Geneva will give important impulses in three short presentations and also leave enough time to network with representatives from the Swiss private sector and public administration.

The highlights:

"Digitale Transformation and customer journey"

Speaker: Serge Boschloos, head of the Fabasoft Digital Transformation team

Our flight into the world of digital transformation will start with the crossing of a complex motorway junction, an analogy to the fact that digital change can lead into many directions. Buzzwords often give rise to misunderstandings and the risk that their implementation – set apart as flagship projects – will not fit into the existing landscape as well as it could.
Fabasoft is using innovative methods such as design thinking to master these challenges and tackle the necessary change process with a practical orientation and broad acceptance. This method supports our customers in finding a solution that is based on the real requirements of their internal as well as external stakeholders. We are also using the UX design method that allows to integrate the requirements of all company levels into a user-friendly solution which will consequently achieve higher acceptance with the end users.

Digital transformation, design thinking and UX design are inextricably linked at Fabasoft. In the course of our flight with three destinations we will take a close look at these three topics since they are essential to achieving the objectives on the complex way of digital transformation.

"Design thinking - Methods and tools for innovation"

Speaker: Michele Esteves, Fabasoft Digital Transformation team

With design thinking, complex problems can be solved in a creative way in co-creation and with the involvement of all company levels. Many companies have already implemented this method. But what exactly is “design thinking”? How can we achieve the desired “customer centricity”? Is it yet another short-lived hype term or can this innovative method really accomplish any measurable benefit? On our flight we will discover possible answers to these questions together.

"UX-design, user experience"

Speaker: Alisa Schmitt, Fabasoft Digital Transformation team

The concept of user experience design (UX design) serves as a method to create products and services which aim at shaping the customer experience as optimally as possible.

UX design puts the user and the user experience into focus – ranging from acquisition to product integration.
In the course of our flight we will explore the current and increasingly urgent challenge of putting the emphasis on the user, also and especially on the way to digital transformation.


The Fabasoft Business Breakfast flight is taking place in a small and exclusive setting. The selected flight altitude is ideal to keep the path and the target in sight. Benefit from the know-how of the Fabasoft crew.

We look forward to your participation!

Programme Business Breakfast «Digital Transformation»
07.30 am Opening of the Business Breakfast and introduction
08.00 am «Digital transformation and customer journey»
08.20 am «Design thinking – Methods and tools for innovation»
08.40 am «UX-Design, user experience »
09.00 am Summary, closing address and networking
09.30 am End of the event



Map with business breakfast roadshow stops in Switzerland


Dates and locations
Date Location Address Room
07.05.2019 Restaurant Schöngrün
Zentrum Paul Klee
Monument im Fruchtland 1
3006 Bern
Salon Violett
08.05.2019 Restaurant Au Premier Im Hauptbahnhof Zürich
Bahnhofplatz 15
8021 Zurich
10.05.2019 KKL Luzern Europaplatz 1
6002 Lucerne
Business- & Medienraum 3
14.05.2019 Alte Militärkantine Kreuzbleicheweg 2
9000 St. Gallen
Alte Küche
15.05.2019 Schmatz Frankfurt Strasse 36
4142 Münchenstein
28.05.2019 Le Château d’Ouchy Place du Port 2
1000 Lausanne 6
La Vinothèque
29.05.2019 Hotel des Bergues 33, Quai des Bergues
1211 Geneva 1
Salon Salève


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