4. Zukunftskongress Bayern

Following the early days of Bavaria’s digitisation strategy that went by the buzzword “Montgelas 3.0”, the efforts of the Free State have meanwhile been taking effect in many areas of public administration. The evolution “from paper to bytes” is in full swing. The Bavarian E-Government Act, the E-Government pact with the local authorities and the master plan “Bayern Digital II” that was adopted in May 2017 are a sound basis on which to further develop the state’s digital change and provide its citizens and businesses with continually improved and more efficient electronic administrative services through the standardised “BayernPortal”.

This can only be achieved on an efficient digital infrastructure: The Bavarian government has strongly supported broadband expansion to ensure that these services are not only available in large cities but across the state. These efforts will be further intensified with the currently planned glass fibre network expansion. By the year 2018, eight IT labs – so-called “BayernLabs” – will be established across the state. They are explicitly addressing schools, the local authorities and businesses and aim at consolidating digital innovation, modern e-government and an IT knowledge exchange. Digitisation will thus be rolled out.

The "Zukunftskongress Bayern" will examine current developments in digitisation on the levels of the state and the local authorities. The discussions will be opened up and enhanced with additional impulses through what has now become a traditional outlook on the situation in other federal states as well as in Austria and Switzerland.