Vision behind the "United Clouds of Europe"

In 1988, my fellow board member Leopold Bauernfeind and I together founded Fabasoft in Linz, Austria. Long before Cloud computing started to determine the fundamental changes to the entire IT industry we recognised the dynamics of change in IT that came with it. At the same time it became clear that the huge potential for Europe as a business location could not be used because of a framework characterised by fragmentation and national egotism.

For many years, and through active contribution in Brussels, I have therefore been promoting a common European framework to which American, Asian and European suppliers equally have to adhere. This is the only way to ensure fair competition which will bring the IT location Europe back to its appropriate strength.

European politics has already overcome many obstacles on that way, but there is still a lot to be done. It is my vision that Europe can achieve in the digital world what it cannot achieve in the real world - a common political basis allowing our children and grandchildren to live and operate without borders on this continent. Based on high-quality and uniform data protection, the “United Clouds of Europe” are my allegory to this regard. Similar to a service station on the data highway, my blog is a way to stop from time to time and record my thoughts, ideas and comments for everybody who is interested. We have to use this enormous digital revolution for Europe, instead of letting it happen. It is in fact the last major opportunity for this continent.