Multiple business value thanks to Cloud services

Maximising profit, increasing the market share, higher quality and data security – these are the most important goals for many businesses, and they have changed little in the age of digitisation. However, the dynamics on which organisations can now reach these goals with the help of Cloud services have changed dramatically.

Being the first in the market to offer the highest user benefits while continually driving forward is a major challenge for businesses that are organised along rigid systems. True digital transformation first and foremost requires an organisation to extend itself digitally and to integrate external stakeholders into internal processes across all departments. For one thing is certain: The focus must be on the end customer. Therefore, businesses that want to prevail on the market can use the multiple business value of digitisation platforms as their competitive advantage.

Agile work

Traditional approaches such as the step-by-step digitisation of applications are increasingly turning into a stumbling block on the way towards a successful digitisation strategy. Departments need quick solutions to their problems. Tedious projects not only hamper the productivity of employees but are by now a real competitive disadvantage towards agile companies.

An IDC study on “Cloud Computing in Germany” published in 2017 showed that more than 70 percent of the participating department managers had already been evaluating and budgeting Public Cloud services. Individual programming often provides no real benefits any more. Quite on the contrary – when compared with existing Cloud solutions it is time-consuming, expensive and can hardly reach the security levels of a certified Business Cloud.

Agile digitisation platforms provide businesses with quick solutions to their problems and therefore limit the implementation time to a matter of a few days. With the help of forms editors or graphical BPMN editors, departments can configure and model the solutions themselves without having to involve internal or external IT resources. Instantly available apps for use cases such as contract management, collaboration or compliance with EU-GDPR deliver a quick Return on Investment.

Scalable applications

Amongst other things, agile solution development means that services providing stakeholders with continuous business value can be offered within a very short period of time. Further development of the application is then based on the feedback of the users and the requirements of the market. Once the solution has been tried and tested it is ready for rapid rollout. With a digitisation platform such as the Fabasoft Cloud, businesses are saving high initial costs and neither have to provide for IT infrastructure nor for complex orchestrations of several Cloud services in order to achieve boundless records management. The solutions are used according to the “pay-per-use” principle.

Contractually guaranteed security

In 2016, the German Federal Office for Information Security initiated the “Cloud Computing Compliance Criteria Catalogue”. Cloud providers who are awarded the C5 attestation are meeting a very demanding requirements catalogue with more than 100 technical and organisational criteria in security and compliance. The independent auditors – for example KPMG or PwC – are engaged by the Cloud providers themselves. This constitutes an important business value for customers: The Cloud provider must contractually guarantee compliance with these criteria. Users of digitisation platforms therefore benefit from a new dimension of security which can hardly be matched by the company-internal IT resources. Only six companies worldwide have received this attestation. The Austrian Cloud provider Fabasoft is so far the first from Europe.


In order to successfully achieve digital transformation, businesses relentlessly have to focus on the needs of their end customers and structure their entire organisations accordingly. The various departments will need different solutions for their use cases. Rigid systems can no longer answer this need. Quick Return on Investment and rapid innovations are paramount. In this environment, digitisation platforms such as the Fabasoft Cloud are offering real multiple business value.

  • Apps for standard use cases are instantly available
  • Individual solutions can be modeled by the customer within a few days
  • External stakeholders become a part of the company's extended digital organisation
  • Highest levels of certified European standards in security, data protection and compliance

This forms the basis on which to develop innovative digital services. It creates multiple business value for the very own organisation which in turn makes it possible to put the requirements of the end customers into focus throughout the entire organisation.