How to find the right cloud content platform

There are plenty of cloud-based content platforms to choose from. Each provider is focused on specific services and priorities, making it tricky for prospects to find just the right provider for their particular needs. To guide customers in their choice of technology, the global research and consulting company Forrester Research Inc. periodically publishes “Wave Reports” that cover a variety of market segments.

The Forrester (New) Wave™ - International analysis to inform your decisions

The Forrester Wave™ provides an independent, authoritative evaluation of the top providers in each sector. As part of the analysis, the companies identified in advance by Forrester Research are evaluated according to the strength of their current offering, their strategy, and their market presence.

Some aspects of the Forrester New Wave™ differ from the traditional Forrester Wave™. The New Wave™ focuses predominantly on evaluating providers of new technologies. The New Wave homes in on the provision of iterative features, intelligent, collaborative, and transactional content services, continuous improvement, as well as on key aspects of the vendor strategy. These providers are analysed on the basis of customer surveys and a briefing session lasting several hours. The result is a conclusive study that provides a well-founded decision-making tool for selecting the right provider.

Graphical overview of the Forrester New Wave™

Besides the analysts’ summary, every Forrester (New) Wave™ report contains evaluation criteria, the scorecards of the providers analysed, as well as a graphic presentation of the results.

This Forrester New Wave™ graphic presentation depicts the relative market positions of the providers based on their strategy (x-axis) and supply strength (y-axis), as well as their market presence. Based on their location on the axes, the suppliers are positioned in one of the “Waves” indicated in varying shades of green: Challenger, Contender, Strong Performer, or Leader. The size of the positioning points represents the market presence of each individual supplier – in other words, their market size.

The Forrester New Wave™: Cloud Content Platforms – Multitenant SaaS, Q3 2019

For the first time, Fabasoft was invited by Forrester to participate in the independent evaluation „The Forrester New Wave™: Cloud Content Platforms – Multitenant SaaS, Q3 2019”. Upon conclusion of this evaluation of the 13 most significant cloud content platforms, Fabasoft was positioned in the “Strong Performers” group. We are especially pleased that Fabasoft is the only European cloud provider in this field.

"Fabasoft provides a strong set of document and process management capabilities and a robust platform built to meet stringent EU data resiliency requirements.”
(The Forrester New Wave™: Cloud Content Platforms — Multitenant SaaS, Q3 2019)

Download the complete report now and learn more about the Forrester New Wave™, the specific evaluation criteria and the in-depth evaluation of the features and vendor strategies of each cloud content platform.