Higher profitability with digitised product launches in the Cloud

An effective market launch is the key to every innovation strategy. But even today it often takes very long to introduce new products as some large businesses have not yet continuously digitised rollout in all countries. “Product packages” developed and designed at headquarters are frequently rolled out to end consumers via external partners very slowly and without any traceability. While information is passed on informally and unstructured by phone, email or in meetings, data security and transparency are often insufficient.

Over the years or even decades, organisations are growing organically as well as through acquisitions. The resulting IT landscapes are typically highly heterogeneous. ERP systems are usually the only IT solutions that are provided centrally across the entire organisation. To this day, many manufacturing companies still do not have a solution for entirely standardised and continuously digitised processes for product management, for example in the area of product launches.

Process ruptures caused by a lack of standardisation

Time and efficiency fall short when process ruptures occur in overlapping processes. Market launches are therefore cumbersome, unstructured and cannot be traced. Product releases and approvals from other departments or countries need to be obtained by email since there is no central system taking care of all the processes involved in a product launch. Even though checklists for formal procedures are usually in place, there is no way to verify if they are indeed used. As a result, growth is inhibited and the profitability of the entire organisation is reduced.

Efficient processes for product launches with Cloud solutions

With a professional Cloud solution, processes for product launches can be digitised continuously while including all stakeholders on equal terms – across the boundaries of departments, IT systems or countries. It ensures that everyone, including external persons, is part of the process and has access to the same data and documents. Standardising and digitising processes for product launches contributes to the acceleration of product releases, which in turn leads to a faster time to market of new products.


Screenshots Fabasoft Cloud

Quick rollout and quick ROI

It only takes a few weeks to start the rollout of a digitised process for product launches in the Fabasoft Cloud.

Digitised process for product launches

One key issue in achieving this result is the fact that the Fabasoft Cloud’s standard edition is a digitisation platform offering a wide range of applications and functions for document management and process management which can easily be customised. Businesses also benefit from the standardised and proven process which allows to roll out a compact and internally tested solution in little time.