The five Cloud megatrends of the year 2018

Current trend forecasts published by market researchers and large IT companies on a global level talk about new developments in technology such as serverless infrastructure, container technology and of course multiple Clouds. All of these predictions deal with a type of technological progress that is strongly focussing on infrastructure and is mainly pushed by global suppliers of virtual systems.

The business activities of a Cloud provider like Fabasoft, with a focus on SaaS (Software as a Service), however concentrate on the requirements of large and medium-sized industrial companies, organisations in healthcare as well as public administration in Europa. These organisations already need out-of-the-box and highly customisable software for the digital management of their entire processes besides using infrastructure provided by the Cloud.

From this perspective and based on our Cloud ecosystem which we have permanently been developing over the years, the following five megatrends can be determined for the year 2018:

1. Programming without coding

Cloud solutions are offering graphical modelling tools to depict entire business processes. The Fabasoft Low Code Cloud Platform allows for boundless digital records management and automated control of information.

2. The Cloud as the “missing link” between humans and machines

Cloud systems are no longer limited to the actions of humans but increasingly adapt to the communication between humans and machines. This development is essential with regard to IoT (Internet of Things) and IoE (Internet of Everything).

3. Maximum data and process security

Whenever customer IT applications are migrated to the Cloud, the highest level of data protection needs to be applied. This requirement entails continuous encryption, maximum data availability and EU-GDPR-compliant processing of personal data.

4. The Cloud’s ascent in medium-sized businesses

In 2018, medium-sized businesses will increasingly invest in Cloud solutions that go far beyond the mere sharing of data. Dynamic process modelling and the possibility to interact with humans, machines and other systems will have a decisive impact on market activities.

5. Necessity for Cloud providers to intensify innovations

In order to recognise disruptive market changes at an early stage, technological monitoring needs to be carried out on an ongoing basis. With its network of partners and international research cooperations, Fabasoft is exploring innovative platform options and technologies that allow us to react quickly. New digital services developed in cooperation between Fabasoft and our customers are yet another important driver of innovation.