You didn't receive a Mobile PIN?

You haven't received a mobile PIN when logging in to the Fabasoft Cloud? This might have different reasons. Look at the most common reasons and their solution.

The E-Mail or the SMS with the mobile PIN didn't arrive.

Please try again to log in. Or click on "Send Mobile PIN via SMS again" on the login page - you can repeat that three times. If it still doesn't work, please get in touch with our Support team.

You've just registered but typed your phone number incorrectly.

Please register again with the same E-Mail address and type in your phone number correctly.

You've got a new E-Mail address or a new phone number.

If you registered with your old E-Mail address or old phone number, but no longer use that one, please get in touch with the Support.

You are using a virtual phone number.

Due to technical reasons the usage of virtual phone numbers like Google Voice is not possible.