ESG at Fabasoft

For the benefit of future-oriented stakeholder partnerships, Fabasoft stands by its responsibility for long-term and sustainable business activities.

Ecological, social and economic aspects (ESG aspects) form the foundation for decisions made by Fabasoft and are thus the fundamental features of the Fabasoft Group's understanding of sustainability. Fabasoft communicates its commitment to sustainability in its annual sustainability report, which is an integral part of the annual report.

The ESG aspects are covered in the annual sustainability reporting in accordance with GRI standards, option core.

The key topics related to Environment, Social, and Governance are summarized for a better overview.


  • Green IT
    In the spirit of sustainability, Fabasoft makes every effort to reduce its power consumption and its greenhouse gas emission – to contribute to a climate-neutral and resource-saving economy.
  • Sustainable Procurement and Demand for Raw Materials 
    With the published Code of Conduct for contractors, Fabasoft emphasises that fair pay, good production conditions, health protection in observance of human rights are just as much a part of the sustainable supply chain as short transport distances or the fight against corruption.
  • Climate Protection and Energy Management
    Fabasoft is committed to minimise CO2 emissions and to contribute actively to climate protection.


  • Training and Education 
    The extensive professional and advanced training programmes focus on the continuous professional and social development of employees.
  • Equal Opportunities and Diversity 
    Fabasoft is committed to equal opportunities in its personnel policy, regardless of origin, gender, age, religion or personal circumstances.
  • Fair Compensation 
    It is our aim at Fabasoft to offer all employees the same chances. That is why the salary policy at Fabasoft stipulates equal pay for equal performance.
  • Social Responsibility
    Fabasoft not only takes its responsibilities seriously with regard to its employees and their families, but also takes selected measures to exercise its responsibility towards the broader society.


  • Compliance and Anti-Corruption 
    Fabasoft is subject to numerous external requirements and statutory obligations. In order to address these interests appropriately, far-reaching control mechanisms are integrated into internal processes.
  • Data Protection and Information Security
    Fabasoft ranks as a pioneer in the field of information security and data protection. Fabasoft is currently the only company whose cloud services meet the highest compliance level (level 3) of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct.
  • Innovation and Future Sustainability of the Business Model 
    For over three decades, Fabasoft has been developing pioneering software solutions that simplify and optimise business procedures and has been investing in research and development with a view to future viability.