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Fabasoft Cloud /
14. June 2017

Tightening up on data protection: Fabasoft’s Cloud services are already complying with regulations

The Fabasoft Cloud and proper legal advice offer the right solution for organisations that still have not dealt with the new European GDPR.

Mindbreeze /
07. June 2017

Independent Research Firm Says Mindbreeze “is Crowned King of Search Appliances

Mindbreeze, a leading provider of software products for enterprise search and big data was among the companies selected by Forrester to participate in its independent evaluation, The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search And Knowledge Discovery Solutions, Q2 2017*. In this report, Mindbreeze was cited a Strong Performer.

Fabasoft eGov-Suite /
06. April 2017

Fabasoft awarded contract by the KRZN – Lower Rhine Municipal Computer Centre

Fabasoft has been awarded the contract for introducing a document management system with workflow engine by the Lower Rhine Municipal Computer Centre (KRNZ) within the framework of a Europe-wide open public tender.

Mindbreeze /
02. April 2017

Mindbreeze Positioned in the Challengers Quadrant of the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines

Mindbreeze, a leading company in big data, knowledge management, and information insight, today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the “Challengers” quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines. Mindbreeze has been position highest for Ability to Execute. The research and advisory firm Gartner, Inc. evaluated 13 different providers from all over the world.

Fabasoft Cloud /
29. March 2017

Fabasoft Receives Attestation Pursuant to the Cloud Requirements of the BSI

Fabasoft is the first European provider of cloud services to have received the attestation pursuant to the requirements of the catalogue of requirements C5 (Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue, in short: C5), issued by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).

Fabasoft Cloud /
17. March 2017

New: Full control over the encryption of documents in the Cloud

With “Secomo as a Service”, organisations can use controlled end-to-end encryption for documents in the Fabasoft Cloud and allow external partners to collaborate on the basis of this encryption standard.

Mindbreeze /
01. March 2017

Mindbreeze ranks among KMWorld’s 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2017

KMWorld once again ranks Mindbreeze among the 100 companies that matter in knowledge management. The US magazine is dedicated to news and information about content, knowledge and document management.

Fabasoft Cloud /
23. January 2017

Successful recertification of the Fabasoft Cloud by TÜV Rheinland

TÜV Rheinland has recertified the Fabasoft Cloud. Two years ago, the Fabasoft Cloud was already the first Austrian company to successfully complete the security analyses of the testing organisation.

Mindbreeze /
10. January 2017

The quantified self and the informed but demanding patient – trends that are making healthcare progressively digital

Digitalization plays an increasingly significant role in the healthcare sector. Below you’ll read about three trends that will impact the healthcare sector in 2017.

Mindbreeze /
15. December 2016

Care Solutions and Mindbreeze: Partners in Technology

Care Solutions and Mindbreeze are now cooperating as partners in technology. Customers benefit from the semantic full-text search from Mindbreeze, which is already integrated into the Care Solutions products.

Mindbreeze /
05. December 2016

Humanized big data, insight engines & the future trajectory of technology: Six trends that will make business more intelligent in 2017

The business world is in the midst of a digital transformation that is quickly separating the wheat from the chaff. The following article unveils the technology trends that will allow you to successfully and confidently navigate the digital era in the coming year, and considers how conversational systems, humanized big data, and augmented information will benefit everyday business.

Fabasoft Cloud /
03. November 2016

A European Cloud with Microsoft Office Online integration

Fabasoft Cloud bietet ab sofort gemeinsames Bearbeiten von Dokumenten im Browser als Mehrwert zu grenzenloser digitaler Dokumentenlenkung an

Mindbreeze /
13. October 2016

University of Wuppertal teams up with Mindbreeze InSpire Primary tabs

The University of Wuppertal (Bergische Universität Wuppertal) is starting the new school year with Mindbreeze InSpire. The previously used Google search is being replaced by Mindbreeze InSpire, the enterprise search and big data solution.

Mindbreeze /
23. September 2016

Lufthansa Technik flies with Mindbreeze InSpire

Lufthansa Technik is a world leader for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aircrafts. For their search needs in internal data sources, Lufthansa Technik has chosen the search appliance by Mindbreeze, the enterprise search and big data specialist.

Mindbreeze /
02. September 2016

Mindbreeze InSpire is Trend-Setting Product 2016

Mindbreeze once again received a high score from the KMWorld jury, winning the prestigious KMWorld Trend-Setting Product Award for Mindbreeze InSpire. KMWorld is the United States’ leading magazine for topics surrounding knowledge management systems and content and document management.

Mindbreeze /
02. August 2016

Mindbreeze commissions independent research institute to conduct a survey on enterprise search solutions

Mindbreeze announced today that Forrester Consulting, an independent market research company, conducted a survey on behalf of the Austrian provider Mindbreeze entitled "Let Modern Search Solutions Be ‘the Brains‘ of Your Enterprise"*. The survey’s subject matter focused on the use of modern search technologies for dealing with corporate knowledge.

Mindbreeze /
02. August 2016

Master Concept and Mindbreeze Start Strategic Partnership in Asia

Master Concept, Asia's leading provider of knowledge management solutions, and Mindbreeze, a leading provider of enterprise search appliances, enter into a strategic partnership created to meet the Asian market’s strong demand for enterprise search and knowledge management solutions.

Mindbreeze /
21. July 2016

Mindbreeze and oobe launch strategic partnership

wo leading companies in the enterprise search sector launch a collaboration: oobe from Australia and the Austrian company Mindbreeze start a strategic partnership to jointly offer high-end enterprise search appliances in Australia and New Zealand.

Mindbreeze /
20. July 2016

Mindbreeze and Eptisa poised to cooperate in Big Data and Enterprise Search

Eptisa, a leading provider of software solutions, will distribute the Mindbreeze enterprise search & analytics appliance on the Spanish market.

Fabasoft /
06. July 2016

Fabasoft founds scholarship for “International Business MBA” at the MCI Innsbruck

Das renommierte MCI (Management Center Innsbruck) startet im Herbst zum ersten Mal sein zweijähriges Master-Programm „International Business MBA Global Management, Strategy & Leadership for Professionals“ nach einem didaktisch einzigartigen Blended Learning-Konzept aus asynchroner und synchroner Teilnahme an interaktiven Online-Lernphasen und Face-to-face Sessions.

Fabasoft Cloud /
23. June 2016

Fabasoft Cloud awarded Trusted Cloud label

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy awards the label to especially trustworthy cloud offerings. Fabasoft is one of the first providers in Germany to receive the Trusted Cloud label for its platform “Fabasoft Cloud”.

Fabasoft /
22. June 2016

The Federal Railway Authority and Fabasoft win 15th eGovernment competition

The Federal Railway Authority (EBA) together with Fabasoft wins the 15th eGovernment competition in the category “Best modernisation project 2016” based on the eGovernment realisations in the project “eGovernment in the EBA (DOWEBA)”. The award ceremony took place on 22nd June 2016 in Berlin as part of the “Zukunftskongress Staat & Verwaltung”.

Mindbreeze /
22. June 2016

Mindbreeze and NRX start strategic partnership for Knowledge Management Solution

Mindbreeze and NRX will enter into a strategic partnership and jointly distribute an enterprise search appliance for clients with high demands.

Fabasoft /
31. May 2016

Standards establish global markets: Fabasoft is a member of ETSI

The European cloud provider Fabasoft has been accepted as a member of the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). In joining the most important European organisation for specification and standardization of future-oriented technologies in the areas of telecommunications and ICT, Fabasoft strives to advance the development of an interoperable, European cloud ecosystem with global market potential.

Mindbreeze /
04. May 2016

Zurich University of the Arts uses Mindbreeze Tool

The Zurich University of the Arts implements Mindbreeze’s "Education Program", which aims to demonstrate to training centers and universities how enterprise search solutions can intelligently link and efficiently use their internal information. The Zurich University of the Arts, considered a pioneer in the field of knowledge management, has chosen Mindbreeze InSpire as their search tool.

Data Protection /
28. April 2016

New data protection as a major export success

Vienna, April 28, 2016 – At Fabasoft’s well-attended TechSalon, the successful data protection activist and challenger of Facebook, Max Schrems, discussed the consequences of the new European data protection regulations on the economy together with lawyer Rainer Knyrim, partner at Preslmayr Rechtsanwälte, and Fabasoft CEO and host Helmut Fallmann.

Mindbreeze /
08. April 2016

Big data and enterprise search appliance now in place to meet the highest customer demands in Benelux

Questio and Mindbreeze enter into a strategic partnership, and market the Mindbreeze InSpire Appliance in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. Questio currently serves a large number of customers with sophisticated needs and high standards in the field of knowledge management and big data. Questio (link is external) has years of experience in the implementation of various search solutions for large customers.

Press Releases

Mindbreeze / 01.03.16

Mindbreeze ranks among KMWorld’s 100 COMPANIES That Matter in Knowledge Management

KMWorld once again ranks Mindbreeze among the 100 companies in knowledge management. The US magazine is dedicated to news and information about the topics of content, knowledge and document management.

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Mindbreeze / 09.02.16

Google Search Appliance to be discontinued

Now it’s official („So long Google Search Appliance" – source: The Google Search Appliance (GSA) will be discontinued. It is now time for GSA customers and business partners to switch to a new enterprise search provider. Mindbreeze, a European leader in the field of enterprise search and big data, offers the perfect replacement with the Mindbreeze InSpire appliance.

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Fabasoft Cloud / 08.02.16

Fabasoft Cloud awarded the first ever 5 star certification worldwide

A world première for both the listed cloud service provider Fabasoft as well as the renowned company EuroCloud Europe as the auditor: Fabasoft is the first company in the world to be awarded the highest possible certification – namely 5 stars – for its cloud services. Such a certification is as good as an insurance policy against data abuse for cloud users.

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Mindbreeze / 27.11.15

Independent Report Certifies Accessibility for Mindbreeze InSpire

The growing importance of accessibility for software solutions prompted Mindbreeze to commission the Pfennigparade Center for Accessibility on the Internet ( (link is external)), an independent testing laboratory, to assess Mindbreeze’s enterprise search and big data software solutions according to BITV 2.0*.

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Fabasoft Cloud / 09.10.15

Fabasoft Cloud as missing link for Post AG's document and workflow management

Fabasoft impresses Post AG with its powerful and highly secure document management system in the cloud. The partnership means that Post AG will act as a reseller of the Fabasoft Cloud with immediate effect. In the future, Fabasoft will provide cloud functionalities for digital document management in companies under the brand “Post Cloud Enterprise”.

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Mindbreeze / 24.09.15

Deutsche Telekom AG Chooses Mindbreeze InSpire

The Deutsche Telekom AG is one of the leading service providers worldwide in the telecommunications and information technology industry. The Deutsche Telekom Group has now chosen to work with the Austrian enterprise search and big data specialist Mindbreeze and its product (Mindbreeze InSpire) for their enterprise search platform.

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