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Fabasoft Folio takes care of the consistent, secure and reliable document management within a company as well as for the implementation of digital business processes.

With features for Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration, Workflow, audit-proof Archiving and Records Management, Fabasoft Folio sustainably increases the competitiveness of companies.

Leading Enterprise Content Management Platform

Fabasoft Folio is one of the leading software platforms in terms of compliance, security, transparency, extensibility, and integrability, supporting the entire content life cycle. With its integrated workflow engine, Fabasoft Folio covers all your business process management needs.

Efficient Knowledge Management

For cross-application knowledge management and semantic search requests, Fabasoft Folio can be complemented by Mindbreeze InSpire..

E-mail Integration and E-mail Archiving

Fabasoft Folio offers functions and solutions for the secure, organized and consistent archiving of business-relevant e-mails and their attachments. Whether server- or client-side archiving, Fabasoft Folio supports companies and users with e-mail archiving and leads to efficiency in e-mail management. Furthermore, the single instance content repository saves on storage space.

Individually scalable, platform independent and mobile

The Fabasoft reference architecture stands for availability and scalability, no matter if your Fabasoft Folio Domain supports a hundred users or a hundred thousand users. Fabasoft Folio supports both Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms along with an open source application software stack. Moreover apps for iPad, iPhone and Android enable limitless "Mobile Collaboration" on the device of your choice.

Integration of business applications

As the resilient content backbone for vertical business applications created with the Fabasoft app.ducx development platform, Fabasoft Folio allows for a significant reduction in time to value when implementing and integrating vertical business applications, enterprise portals, and e-services with Fabasoft app.ducx. In addition, data from applications such as SAP, SharePoint and many others can be easily integrated into Fabasoft Folio.

Areas of use

Document Management and Archiving

Knowledge is power - but only when it's accessible. With Fabasoft Folio, all different types of documents are made accessible and usable in a collective data pool. This makes a company's entire know-how available at the click of a button. On top you can quickly and easily organize your internal processes. Fabasoft Folio offers professional workflow management that supports agile working methods as well as structured and formal processes. It ensures adherence to business regulations and offers clear and traceable access rights for business documents.


Agile collaboration and meticulous document management in Fabasoft Folio maximize the potential and efficiency of your business. The Teamroom allows informal collaboration across departmental boundaries. The easy access rights concept enables documents to be easily shared within the team. Team calendar, newsfeeds and other useful features complete the functionality of the Teamroom.

Relationship Management

Fabasoft Folio supports the management of your customers, suppliers, distributors, and other contacts, and provides you with the means to manage and improve the relationship to your contacts. Moreover, the relationship management features of Fabasoft Folio provide you with a customer-centric view on all of your related documents and processes.

Business Process Management

Through integrated workflow functions you can optimize your internal processes. Incoming documents, e-mails, memos and orders are forwarded to the responsible employees via individual controls and saved to the relevant case file. Via the files, employees and colleagues also have all information about a business case instantly available to them. The support of BPMN 2.0 allows you to model business processes and benefit from the advantages of a platform-independent notation. Furthermore, the created process diagrams can be directly used as a basis for automating your business processes.



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