Fabasoft References

Österreichische Volksbanken AG

“Thanks to the Fabasoft Cloud, the time-consuming process of assembling and transporting paperwork now belongs to the past. In combination with the Cloud, tablets and smartphones have become efficient business tools.”

Österreichische Post AG

“With Fabasoft’s Cloud services we can offer new and innovative solutions for document logistics to our customers.”
“With the help of the app.ducx development environment, the requirements and extensions of our digital solutions for document management are continuously developed in high quality and implemented quickly.”
“Comprehensive tests ensure top quality for business applications. With Fabasoft app.test, I can test the applications and the UI (user interface) during development in the same way a user will work with the applications. The resulting reports are conclusive, allowing for agile and cost-effective adaptations of business solutions.”

United Optics

“The Fabasoft Cloud is self-explanatory, very quick and completely easy to navigate. The web browser’s thumbnails in particular make daily work much easier. I am enthusiastic about the Fabasoft Cloud! ”

Envisage Information Systems

“The great number of features of the Fabasoft Cloud with regard to scrum and agile project methods allows us to plan and monitor our software projects, where we need to coordinate across several teams."
„Leveraging the full potential of Fabasoft app.ducx, the Envisage apps augment the Fabasoft Scrum app to provide users with a Scrum experience perfectly tailored to the organization's needs including custom program management, reporting and time tracking components.”
“Fabasoft Scrum and agile project methods allow us to plan and monitor our software projects, where we need to coordinate across several teams.
"At Envisage, we're using Fabasoft app.test extensively to ensure our apps are truly ready for showtime before they make it into production. It's just an invaluable tool when it comes to UI and regression testing."

FERRO-Montagetechnik GmbH

“The Fabasoft Cloud has optimised the coordination of our projects between our office, our construction sites and our partners.”

Siemens AG

“The Fabasoft Cloud allows us to accelerate the sharing of information with our partners, ensure transparency and be more efficient.”

papplab GmbH

“When I created the test account, a highly competent contact person got in touch with me immediately. He knew about the perfect Cloud solution for my company. That’s professional!”

Schönherr Rechtsanwälte GmbH

“The Fabasoft Cloud allows us to instantly create a data room and share data on the internet with the highest security.”

APK Vorsorgekasse AG

"We have digitized processes in the internal administration with the Fabasoft Cloud beyond the borders of our branches, saving more than half the time for processing."