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On behalf of the Federal Ministry for the Interior, Building and Community (BMI), the Fabasoft CC electronic records management system is providing support for indirect federal administrative work, organizations in which the Federal Government has a majority shareholding as well as direct federal administrations with no access to the networks of the Federal Government (in coordination with the ITZBund (Federal Center of Information Technology)/BMI) with the decentralized introduction of the electronic records management system of the Federal Administration.

The service of the electronic records management system of the Federal Administration enables the use as a DMS, electronic records management system and e-case processing system based on a uniform and customizable software solution.

Connections to other basic services of the Federal Administration (FMS, e-invoicing) are available via integration components.

The Fabasoft CC electronic records management system provides support in the phases in particular with the following services:

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Preparatory measures

Exposition of environment and framework conditions Answering of questions
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Preliminary organizational project

Clarification of questions concerning the scope of performance & configuration Support with the technical implementation guidelines Organizational consulting can be carried out separately by means of respective framework agreements with the Federal Office of Administration (Electronic records management system)
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Project initialization

Support with the planning of piloting Support with contract design
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Piloting and rollout

Support with contract design Change and release management The services for the introduction can be accessed separately via the covering agreement of the electronic records management of the Federal Administration.