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Intelligent. Transparent. Secure: Modern Contract Management RELOADED.

Webinar on Demand (in German only)

PALFINGER – Digitized contract management in just five working days

Webinar on Demand (in German only)

Digital signature: A must-have for intelligent contract management

Webinar on Demand (in German only)
Digitalisierte Zusammenarbeit - Contracts

Digitized collaboration. Efficient. Secure.

Webinar on Demand (in German only)


Our customers’ experiences

"We were able to quickly implement Contracts in the company without an IT project. The intuitive contract management software has since saved us time searching, viewing and managing our contracts."

Alexander Mestian, Data Protection Officer

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"Contracts stands out thanks to its intuitive operation, making it that much easier to onboard new stakeholders."

Luna Masuch, Data Privacy Officer

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"Contracts simplifies our workflow enormously when handling contracts and offers the highest data and process security."

Florian Klicka Legal Department, Rundfunk und Telekom Regulierungs-GmbH

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“Used consistently, Contracts leads to more structure as well as better and faster availability and adaptation or maintenance of roles, authorizations and contracts. The software meets our expectations in terms of up-to-date contract creation and -management.”

Uwe Pfeiffer, Contract Manager

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