Fabasoft Online-Training

Fabasoft online training courses offer a valuable alternative to face-to-face training, especially in times of uncertain and limited travel opportunities.

For communication during our online trainings we use GoToMeeting. Not only can the trainer's presentation and practical examples be transmitted reliably and in the highest quality, but training participants can also share their screen with the trainer and other participants if required. This may be helpful for asking a detailed question, solving an assignment together or troubleshooting. With the GoToMeeting client installed, training participants can even give the trainer control of their mouse and keyboard for more effective troubleshooting.

In order to enable training participants to actively participate and make their own experiences with the topics taught, we also provide you with a virtual machine for most of our courses: your very own personal Training Lab on which you can work. You can easily connect to this Training Lab via browser and thus follow the training contents and try out exercises.

In addition, our trainers actively involve the training participants in our online trainings and invite them to actively participate. For some tasks, it is even necessary for the participants to independently search for solutions and implement them in their Training Labs.

To ensure that your workstation meets the requirements for participation in a Fabasoft Online Training course, that communication works and that the connection to the necessary Fabasoft servers can be established, we recommend checking the following points before you register for an Online Training course.

Of course, the requirements apply to the workstation from which you intend to participate in the training. Participation in a Fabasoft Online Training course is only possible, if your workstation fulfills all the prerequisites.



  • You must be able to connect with GoToMeeting.

You can test the connection with GoToMeeting using the instructions on this page: https://support.goto.com/meeting/help/join-a-test-session-g2m050001. If possible and allowed in your organization, please install the GoToMeeting client for training.


  • All participants must use a headset for communication with the trainer and the other participants.
  • Participation in online training must take place in a quiet environment so that two-way communication is not impaired.
  • For the training, all participants should definitely use two screens with at least 1080p each: One screen for transmitting the trainer screen and another one for the individual Training Lab. Although it is theoretically possible to switch between the two applications on a single screen, experience shows that this is tedious and hardly feasible. Therefore, we strongly recommend two separate screens (or a very large screen with a minimum of twice 1080p).

Fabasoft Training Lab

  • All participants require a stable connection to the Fabasoft Training Lab Server.

To test the connection to the server with the individual Training Labs, connect to https://academy.fabasoft.com via your browser (preferably Google Chrome). If you see the registration form below (see screenshot), the connection works. You will usually receive your individual registration information shortly before the online training starts.

Login Screen

If necessary: Troubleshooting

If you experience significant delays or other problems when connecting to the Training Lab, try connecting over a different network. For example, you could use a mobile hotspot. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please check the following points:

  • You should be connected to the Internet directly, not via VPN
  • The UDP and TCP ports on https://academy.fabasoft.com (port 443) must be accessible without DPI or VPN
  • If possible you should be connected via LAN, if necessary WLAN is probably also sufficient
  • Access to pages with the subdomain *.fabasoft.com (http and https) must not be blocked
  • The Internet connection should reach at least 10 Mbit up/down.

If you are still having problems after checking points 1-5 and have tried connecting via alternative internet connections, please feel free to contact academy@fabasoft.com and provide a detailed description of the problem.

We look forward to welcoming you to our online training!
If you have any questions about the training or the preparation measures, please contact us at academy@fabasoft.com.