Fabasoft License IDs and License Sets

Fabasoft License ID

New licenses for Fabasoft products get a license ID. This license ID is unique for an issued Fabasoft product license (for example Fabasoft Folio, Fabasoft eGov-Suite, Fabasoft app.telemetry, Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise)

If you have any questions or change requests for your licenses (such as prolongation or license updates according to a software assurance contract), it is only required to submit your license ID and your objective. This procedure replaces the request for submitting your domain IDs, version numbers or hostnames to uniquely identify your license.

The license ID is quoted in the subject line of the license e-mail in the message body and the license filename. This simplifies working with licence IDs.

A license ID has the following format:

LIC1234567890ABCDE (prefix LIC and 15 characters)

Please consider: Issuing a new license (e.g. for a newer Fabasoft product version) will create a new license ID to keep the license ID unique on a per version basis.

Fabasoft License Set

A license set is a collection of multiple licenses for your infrastructure (for example sets of licences for your test environment and your live environment).

A license set has a unique license set ID, similar to a single license, and has the following format:

LICSET1234567890ABCDE (prefix LICSET and 15 characters)

If you have questions or a change request about all licenses in a license set, such as prolongation or changing the license receiver address, simply submit your license set ID along with your objective. This replaces submitting all of your domain IDs, version numbers or all unique license IDs to identify your licenses..

License sets are submitted as a single e-mail with all licenses attached.

The license set ID is quoted in the subject line of the license e-mail and in the message body. Every single license still has its unique license ID.

Please consider: License sets are created and arranged to meet the needs of Fabasoft Licensing. A license can only belong to one license set.