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We firmly believe that those who feel good can develop - and vice versa. This is why it is so important to us to create the ideal habitat for our experts.

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Beastly good benefits.

Barbecue Thursdays in summer, social events or breakfast together may be "soft facts" for some, but for us they are an essential ingredient for a motivating environment.

Büro bei Fabasoft

The herd needs space.

Bright, beautiful offices, billiard tables and top equipment: all this makes up our ideal habitat.


More than colleagues.

Joint activities or our summer barbecue thursdays bring us even closer together.

Frühstück bei Fabasoft

Beastly delicious.

We start every day beastly good: with breakfast together for the whole herd!

Real opportunities.

We are changing data traffic across Europe - starting in great offices.

Our software solutions spread across Europe and often beyond. They cross borders: the borders of countries, organizations or human resources. It is that borderless nature that defines our way of thinking: We encourage you to question the status quo and think beyond the obvious. The ideal habitat for experts who really want to make an impact!


The best herd.

There are many good reasons to work for us. Over 200 even! They are all real herd animals.

Mitarbeiter helfen sich gegenseitig

Support and appreciation.

We take ideas seriously - this is the only way we can grow together.

Besucher im Office

Endless opportunities.

Our software spreads across Europe and beyond. Use the opportunities of a global player!

Knowledge is king.

Our in-house academy.

We always remain learners. This is the principle we live by. Those who love what they do ultimately retain their curiosity about today's technologies and developments. The Fabasoft Academy offers all the possibilities to foster talent in a targeted way!

Beastly good chances!

Find out about our open positions. Become part of our herd and profit from the diverse opportunities of an European market leader.

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