Career at Fabasoft

At this point you’ll certainly have noticed that our software products are making a difference.
They are pushing boundaries every day: The boundaries of countries, organisations and human resources.
It is exactly this “boundlessness“ which is at the core of our thinking: Our more than 200 employees are open to new ideas, curious towards new technologies, broad-minded and on a first name basis. A perfect place for experts who really want to evolve!

We show our appreciation.
In matters great and small.

You can only deliver really good work if you feel really well. This is why it’s important for us to create a perfect environment for our experts.
In practice this means: Bright and beautiful offices, modern equipment and many benefits.

Our daily common breakfast, the Barbecue Thursdays or the coffee bays with free refreshments may sound like “soft facts” to some – to us they are an important motivating factor.

Breakfast at Fabasoft

We not only invest in the development of software, but also in the development of ourselves.

“We will always continue to learn“. We stay true to this principle.
People who love what they are doing keep their curiosity for new technologies and developments alive.
This is why we will frequently send you to trainings and expert events – and even organise them ourselves.
The Fabasoft Academy is the perfect setting to promote talents with purpose and dedication.

Fabasoft Academy

We offer real opportunities and a great deal of support.

We are looking for experts who think the way we do. Who are open to new ideas and proud of pushing boundaries with innovative software products.
We give a lot in return – real opportunities, appreciation and support from strong teams.
There is no contradiction in our approach: Providing support through a team without curbing your individual development.
We give everyone the opportunity to contribute ideas and make data management easier, more secure and more efficient for our customers.

Everyday Life at Fabasoft

There are even more reasons to work for us.
In fact, more than 200!

All of our employees are experts in their domains who collaborate, stand united and love what they are doing. A perfect setting to look forward to Monday when it’s still Sunday.


Do you want to be a part of it? Find out more about our job vacancies and see for yourself:


Billiard table at Fabasoft