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Fabasoft app.test is the tool for functional software test automation in the Fabasoft product realm. Fabasoft app.test focuses on the automation of tests in a way that simulates how a real user would interact with the applications, i.e. by driving the user interface in the web browser.

You record new tests just by clicking the appropriate use cases in the web browser. They can be executed immediately on your local client or remotely in the test infrastructure of your continuous integration environment distributed in parallel on clients with different web browsers and operating systems. The automated tests will be managed in the popular IDE Eclipse by installing the Fabasoft app.test Studio Eclipse plug-in.

Software test automation

Fabasoft app.test automates your user acceptance tests to either verify that your software is error free or check the main use cases of a new version. You free your employees from the tedious and error-prone task of manually working through test plans by letting the Fabasoft app.test player do the clicking.

Integration into your continuous integration environment

“Test first” and “Test driven development” are basic requirements for agile software development. Besides unit tests, you can also execute the realistic user acceptance tests of Fabasoft app.test directly within your web browser to check the correctness of your solution. Thanks to the seamless integration of Fabasoft app.test into your CI system, these tests are started as regularly and in a completely automated manner on various client platforms as your unit tests. In this sense, Fabasoft app.test makes a significant contribution to the quality of your software.

Clearly structured reports

The overview and detail reports generated with Fabasoft app.test are not limited to telling you that something does not work. In the detail reports, each error comes with additional information recorded at the time the error situation was logged. A screenshot of the user interface, the relevant HTML code or the control structure of the web application are examples of such information helping you quickly find the reason for the error.

Areas of use

Automated tests of software solutions

Thanks to the integration into CI systems, software solutions such as Fabasoft Cloud apps or business solutions based on the Fabasoft eGov Suite can be tested continuously.

Executing performance and load tests

Prior to upgrading to a new version, implementing new infrastructure (e.g. a change of hardware) or new base technology (e.g. a change of operating system or database), the system behaviour is evaluated on the test system with regard to different loads. By executing these tests, the load of a high number of users can be simulated.

Automated user acceptance tests

If the functions defined in the specification are created as tests in Fabasoft app.test, they can be executed repeatedly whenever a new partial delivery is tested. They can also be used for regression testing, for example in updates to new versions.

Automated smoke tests in the production environment

After configuration changes or updates of the production system, Fabasoft app.test can be used to automatically test important use cases to ensure that the update has been carried out correctly.

Automated regression tests

After updates to new versions or comprehensive changes to the configuration or infrastructure it is important to verify that the required use cases are still fully functional. Automated regression tests which are executed beforehand on the test system ensure that this is the case.


Realistic software test automation

Tests are executed directly within the web browser, in a way that is similar to real user behaviour

Quick creation of tests

Point and click recording directly within the web browser

Accessibility checks of the solution

Semantic analysis of web applications according to WAI-ARIA specification

Easy to read and maintain

Tests are using the names of the semantic UI elements of the web application

Applicable to business applications and other web applications

If the application is enriched through WAI-ARIA semantics

Quick problem analysis

Supported by screenshots, HTML code and control structures in the case of an error

Seamless integration with continuous integration systems

Technical data

Fabasoft app.test Studio as an Eclipse plug-in

Supported browsers and operating systems

Microsoft Internet Explorer (Microsoft Windows), Mozilla Firefox (Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Ubuntu), Google Chrome (Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X), Apple Safari (Apple OS X)

Semantic analysis of web applications according to WAI-ARIA specification

Integration with continuous integration (e.g. Jenkins/Hudson)

Ant tasks, reports in JUNIT format, centralised steering of tests

Test results in XML format, transformations for reports in HTML and JUNIT format


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