Overview - app.telemetry


Fabasoft app.telemetry is the tool of choice to ensure the availability and the response time behaviour of your application. Each http(s) request is logged together with the response times on the users’ devices as well as on the way the requests have taken through your hardware and software infrastructure. 

With the integrated feedback option, your users can log service calls right from within Fabasoft app.telemetry - via a web browser or an app on their mobile device.

The actual response time behaviour on end devices

Measure the actual response time behaviour on the end devices of all of your customers and users, regardless of whether they are loading an HTML page or execute an AJAX request. In order to react promptly, you need to know the facts in real-time. A bad performance has a direct impact on the quality of your service.

Analysing the path of transactions

Tracing http(s) requests and their resulting user transactions across applications and infrastructure elements is easy – from the end device up to the database.

Screenshot feedback form

Feedback option for users

Your users can send feedback to the Help desk right from within the application that is concerned, and can include screenshots, system information and the last user transaction that was carried out.


The actual response time behaviour on the end device

regardless of whether it is a web browser or a mobile device – instead of a personal impressions on performance

Each user access

instead of random samples or automated synthetic transactions

Immediate access to the transaction path through the infrastructure and application stack

instead of elaborate analyses of countless log files

Direct feedback option right from your application

with screenshots, performance and transaction data instead of submitting tickets via third party systems

Combined dashboards on availability, infrastructure and application monitoring

instead of split-up into different systems

Technical data

Fabasoft app.telemetry server

Microsoft Windows Service or Linux Daemon; The server stores the entire Fabasoft app.telemetry configuration, coordinates the configured Fabasoft app.telemetry agents, manages software telemetry sessions and controls the evaluation of tests on performance indicators and availability.

Fabasoft app.telemetry agents

Microsoft Windows Service or Linux Daemon; Transmits data on performance indicators and availability as well as software telemetry data to the Fabasoft app.telemetry server.


Fabasoft app.telemetry WebAPI

Web service for Apache, Nginx or Microsoft Internet Information Services; Transmits software telemetry data from Java script instrumentation to a Fabasoft app.telemetry agent.


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