Certificates & Audits

Fabasoft's software products and Cloud Services have received numerous international certifications and awards in terms of reliability, data and data center security and accessibility. This proves our high quality and security standards.


IDW PS 880

KPMG Advisory GmbH reviewed the Fabasoft Cloud in terms of revision security in accordance with Austrian, German and Swiss commercial and tax law, and issued the certificate according to IDW PS 880. The Fabasoft Cloud therefore meets the required storage requirements in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (GoB compliant archiving) .
The safe and proper storage of digital data has not only become a key compliance requirement but also an existential challenge for companies. Stronger interconnectedness and current legislative changes, such as the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation, exacerbate this requirement.
In the case of the IDW PS 880 examination, an independent auditor determines whether and to what extent software solutions support the storage regulations in accordance with the applicable trade and tax law (audit-proof or GoB-compliant archiving) of the respective country in order to meet the required compliance.



MoReq stands for Model Requirements for the Management of Electronic Records and is geared towards standardizing the creation and storage of business documents in digital form. The MoReq1 project was therefore started in Europe in 2001 to establish a uniform standard for business records management software. Because of the pace of technical development, MoReq1 soon became outdated and thus it was decided to start MoReq2.

MoReq2 is today the most important specification for electronic document and record management in Europe. The European standard specifies requirements for written material administration, document and records management as well as for electronic archiving. The current version of MoReq2 was published on February 13, 2008, complete with a certification process for software products. In order to be able to call itself "MoReq2 certified", a software product must undergo an extensive testing process.

In December 2008 Imbus AG were assigned as the first official accreditation board for MoReq2 to carry out the tests and examinations as an independent institute.

The standard is the benchmark for all users who systematically manage and store electronic and paper information. Jef Schram from the European Commission in Brussels on the motives behind the standard: "MoReq2 offers an extensive specification of requirements for the management of electronic records and business processes across the whole of Europe." MoReq2 is intended for users from the private and public sectors, for manufacturers and consultants, as well as for associations and eductional organizations.



Equal opportunities for people with disabilities and their integration into society and work require the accessible use of software, which is also defined by law.

The user interface of the Fabasoft Public Cloud is not only easy and intuitive to use but is also  available in 22 different languages. Moreover, it is almost 100% accessible and offers equal opportunities for people with impairments, as the certificate “very accessible” granted by Pfennigparade Center for Accessibility on the Internet in January 2015 attests. 

The Fabasoft eGov-Suite is offering accessibility for almost all kinds of disabilities. In September 2013, Pfennigparade tested the web application Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2013 for accessibility. The practical accessibility of the application corresponds to an overall result of 93.5 points of a BITV test. The Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2013 is therefore “very accessible”.