Active Memberships

Business Upper Austria - IT Cluster

The Upper Austrian IT Cluster is a cooperation network for the IT branch, especially the software industry. The Cluster sees itself as a competence hub for digitisation in all branches and as a driver of visibility for Upper Austria as a digital region at all levels. In cooperation with its partner companies, it shapes the future in one of Austria’s strongest economic regions.

Helmut Fallmann is a Member of the Advisory Board.

Fabasoft and Mindbreeze are partner companies of the ITC (IT Cluster Upper Austria)

The Federation of Austrian Industrialists – Upper Austria

The Federation of Austrian Industrialists (IV) is the voluntary representation of interests of Austrian industry and its goal is to develop and strengthen industry and make Austria an attractive place to work. Helmut Fallmann is a Member of the Board of the Federation of Austrian Industrialists – Upper Austria.

European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) is an officially recognised European Standards Organisation (ESO) that is active in the fields of telecommunication, radio and other electronic communication networks and services. The Organisation plays a special role in Europe, where it supports European standards and legislation by creating harmonised European standards. Fabasoft is a member of the ETSI and primarily participates in grid and cloud computing technologies.

European Security Certification Framework (EU-SEC)

The European Security Certification Framework (EU-SEC) is a research project whose work is aimed at improving the goodwill, effectiveness and efficiency of existing certification systems for cloud security. As a member of the consortium Fabasoft has worked intensively with nine other European partners over the last three years on the draft of the framework for cloud security. The project was completed at the end of 2019 with a positive summary from the European Commission and independent experts and brought about decisive innovations regarding the certification of cloud services.

Association for Technical Communication

Since 1978 the association for technical communication – tekom Deutschland e.V. has been committed to boosting the importance of technical communication within companies and advancing the occupational profile of the technical editor.

Verein Talente OÖ (Upper Austrian Association for the Promotion of Talent)

In cooperation with the Regional Education Authority for Upper Austria and with the aid of its sponsors, the Verein Talente OÖ enables the discovery, care and support of especially gifted children and young people. Promoting high talent is not only important and expedient with regard to boosting performance, but especially for the mental health of the children. Competent diagnostics, extensive consultation and a multitude or promotional offers give rise to those “development opportunities” that are the basis of ideal growth for the highly gifted.

Since 2016 Helmut Fallmann has been the President of the Verein Talente OÖ.


Bitkom is Germany‘s digital association. In particular it advocates an innovative economic policy, a modernisation of the education system and a future-oriented network policy. In the year 2018 the association started the programme “Digital for Everyone”. This focusses on an accelerated expansion of gigabit networks and digital infrastructures for energy and transport and the broad digitisation of industry, society and administration, education and work as well as data protection and security.

Data Processing Work Group (ADV)

Cooperation in the Data Processing Work Group (ADV) supports public awareness work by providing information on the optimum utilisation of information and communication technologies. Fabasoft is a Member of the Advisory Board.

VDMA Software and Digitisation

The Software and Digitisation Association represents successful software manufacturers and development departments of renowned mechanical engineering companies on the market. More than 400 members are represented in the association. The association has the target of bringing mechanical engineering and software and digitisation together.


Originally a Franco-German initiative, GAIA-X is a pan-European project in the context of the EU digital strategy prioritized by the European Commission, which Fabasoft is also helping to develop. Founded in June 2020, the GAIA-X Foundation brings together partners from over 300 companies and organizations based in a number of European countries.

The objective is to establish a unified, transparent European data platform and software infrastructure with the strictest level of data privacy and security in order to strengthen Europe’s digital sovereignty and competitiveness.


November 2020 marked the launch of MEDINA, an EU research and innovation project aimed at improving the trustworthiness and transparency of cloud computing. As a member of the consortium, Fabasoft is working with seven other European partners on a framework that will boost the efficiency and the effectiveness of existing certification systems for cloud security. The focus of the project lies primarily on automation, control, and the interplay of methods of measurement and reusable components with a view to achieving continuous auditing and monitoring. The findings have relevance for future EU projects such as the Cloud Security Certification Scheme that forms part of the Cloud Security Act (CSA) and will be incorporated into these projects.

Austrian Computer Society

The Austrian Computer Society (OCG) is a non-profit association with around 1,400 members whose aim is the promotion of information technology and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). As a member Fabasoft supports the activities of the society for the promotion of IT and ICT taking the interaction with people and society into account.

Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME)

Fabasoft is a member of the Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME). Founded in 1954, the professional association for buyers, supply chain managers and logisticians in Germany and Central Europe sees itself as a network partner for all industries and sectors. The focus is on know-how transfer, training and further education of qualified personnel as well as scientific work on new methods, procedures and techniques.


In 2021 BMEnet, a subsidiary of the BME association, awarded the

  • "Supplier Relationship Management" seal of quality to Fabasoft Approve.
  • "Contract Management" seal of quality to Fabasoft Contracts.

EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC)

Fabasoft is a founding Member of the General Assembly and is active within the framework of intensive participation for a EU Cloud Code of Conduct (CoC). The Code of Conduct was developed by the Cloud Select Industry Group convened by the European Commission under the auspices of DG Connect and with the involvement and advice of DG Justice. It gives top priority to consistently uniform enforcement of European data protection standards based on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The aim of the CoC is to support cloud customers in the orientation and selection of cloud services. As the first transnational tool, the EU Cloud CoC encompasses all types of cloud computing products and has now been officially recognized by the data protection authorities.