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The Fabasoft Group’s business model includes developing and distributing its own software products, as well as providing related services. Fabasoft software products can be used based on purchasing models with payment of one-off software licence fees and optional recurring update fees or on the basis of recurring usage fees for cloud services, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or preconfigured appliances.

Thematically, the products focus primarily on:

  • Knowledge management, enterprise search, semantic search, applied artificial intelligence, big data solutions and automatic document classification (classification and distribution by means of automated data extraction)
  • Secure, cross-company collaboration and ready-to-use solutions for selected use cases in various cloud forms such as public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud as well as the option of individual control of documents via self-configured workflows
  • Standardised creation and management of contents for automated, speedy and error-free publishing in all channels
  • Digital business processes (enterprise content management, electronic records management, document management and workflow)

The products, online services and other services are sold to both private customers and public sector customers. Geographically, a large part of the customers are based in European countries. A further increase in customers from the non-European area, primarily in North America, was recorded in the period under review thanks to the expansion of the Mindbreeze presence in the USA and the partner business plus the integration of Xpublisher Gmbh with its US subsidiary into the Fabasoft Group.


Graphic Collaboration of different areas

In the public sector, successful participation in bidding procedures is an essential part of distribution activities, especially for acquiring new customers. The bidding proposals are typically for electronic records and workflow management, as well as e-government solutions. Topics addressed in the private sector include in particular structured creation of content and its further processing, transparent collaboration, secure digital business processes for individual use cases and electronic records. Whereby Fabasoft products are used especially for application cases with a high demand on compliance. Based on the demands of its customers, Fabasoft offers different operating and pricing models (on-premises installations, appliances, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud services or hybrid models) for the use of the products.

Fabasoft addresses the market both directly, through its own sales and service organisations, and in collaboration with sales and implementation partners. Direct business is carried out primarily via its own national companies. These companies also have their own project organisations. Where required, these organisations assume the role as general contractor for project implementation. In addition, the company seeks to establish and develop sales and implementation partnerships with local providers.

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In the period under review Fabasoft invested approx. 23.6 % of its revenues in research and development. There are dedicated product teams within the Fabasoft Group responsible for product-related research and for software development. The development activities of these teams are based on the agile method framework “Scrum”, with the aim of creating innovation and added value in compliance with the principles “quality, usability & style”. Regular feedback from existing customers, analyst meetings and continuous monitoring of the market are used for the early recognition of market trends and their integration into product development.

Meeting at Fabasoft

Helmut Fallmann

Helmut Fallmann

Chairman of the Managing Board (CEO)

Leopold Bauernfeind

Leopold Bauernfeind

Member of the Managing Board

Oliver Albl

Ing. Oliver Albl

Member of the Managing Board (CTO)


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