Fabasoft Group

Fabasoft is a European software manufacturer and provider of cloud services. Fabasoft’s software products and cloud services ensure the consistent capture, organisation, secure storage and context-sensitive finding of all digital
business documents. Fabasoft AG with its headquarters at Honauerstrasse 4, 4020 Linz, Austria is the Group Parent Company. The Fabasoft AG shares are listed in the trading segment Prime Standard of Frankfurt Stock Exchange (WKN (D) 922985).

Products and Innovation Which Inspire

Fabasoft products help digitalise, accelerate and boost the quality of business processes. They include the capture, structuring, team and process-orientated handling and processing, secure storage and context-sensitive finding of all business documents. To achieve this Fabasoft offers innovative possibilities for cooperation across the organisation and across national frontiers in the form of both informal collaboration and structured workflows. Customers benefit from access that is independent of both location and equipment, efficient knowledge management as well as from faster and more cost-efficient work completion and improved compliance.

Graphic with the different logos of the Fabasoft products

Company and Managing Board

Helmut Fallmann (left) and Leopold Bauernfeind (right) founded Fabasoft in 1988. In October 1999, the company was listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Fabasoft has approximately 200 employees from 27 nations who are working from ten locations.


Helmut Fallmann and Leopold Bauernfeind

Supervisory Board


  • Prof. (FH). Univ.-Doz. DI Dr. Ingrid Schaumüller-Bichl (Member)

  • em. o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Friedrich Roithmayr (Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

  • Dr. Andreas Altmann (Member)

  • Dr. Peter Posch (Member)



Fabasoft is represented by subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA.


Pin needles with the countries in which Fabasoft has locations