Career FAQ

Do you have any more questions regarding the application and our first meeting?

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and their answers for you here.

Is every job interview held in Linz?
No. We try to do the job interviews at the future place of employment.

Will my application be treated confidentially?
Of course.

Should I also send in my school certificates?
Yes. Please do not forget work references and relevant certificates, either.

Who will conduct the job interview?
The initial meetings are conducted by the Line Manager of the vacant position. We will send you the details of the job interview along with your invitation to it.

Should I expect a test or an assessment center?
No assessment center is included. In some initial interviews, professional know-how is tested by means of a small exercise.

What happens after the first interview?
The next steps will be discussed directly with the respective Human Resources Manager in the course of the interview. Questions concerning the status of the application can of course be posed at any time.

Does Fabasoft cover the travel expenses for the job interview?
Travel expenses are not covered by Fabasoft.

Is there any introductory training and is continuing education promoted?
Yes. Read more about this under Prospects.

Is there a canteen?
No. Kitchenettes are available to our employees at all our offices so they can reheat their own food. All employees are invited to a daily joint breakfast. Fresh fruit, beverages, coffee and tea are free.

Is there a dress code at Fabasoft?
Our dress code is quickly explained: there is none for the internal area. Business outfits are only obligatory for meetings with customers or major events.