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  • The Fabasoft Cloud
    European data storage for secure
    business collaboration

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    • A choice of secure European data centres
    • Cloud owner controlled access
    • Extensive data storage
    • Unlimited number of team rooms
    • Full traceability of document changes
    • Semantic search included
    • Personal support

Discover the cloud that puts you in control


Choose exactly where your data is stored

Cloud locations

Secure storage

Every one of these locations are protected by the highest level of European data protection and data security laws.

Secure locations

Your data stays in its secure European location. So you can work on any device, wherever you are without compromising data security or the protection of European data law.

Certified secure

Naturally the Fabasoft Cloud supports internationally recognised standards issued by independent auditors.


Determine the level of access users get

Secure team access

Choose your team

For each Teamroom you define your team and what access rights these team members have.

Choose secure login

Two-factor authentication is obligatory for all users and Fabasoft employs the latest digital ID login technology.

Choose extra back-up

In the Fabasoft Cloud employees are issued accounts by their organization, so you have the protection of working with organisation members rather than just private individuals.


Track every change that anyone makes

Worldwide transparency

See it complies

With Fabasoft Cloud there is full transparency and direct traceability of all activity.

See it’s the right version

Replace unsecure, large email attachments and clumsy FTP servers with secure links to content in the Fabasoft Cloud.

See it’s protected

Dynamic watermarks allow you to track documents even if they leave the Fabasoft Cloud and protection even if a user prints a document or saves it to a local drive.