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Modern business works across all borders and all devices, making it essential to know where your data is, know who you are sharing it with and know every change made. The Fabasoft Cloud is protected to the highest standards of European security, giving you the power to work wherever, however and with whomever you wish.

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Know where your data is

Cloud location Switzerland

Cloud locations

The unique concept of selectable cloud locations allows you to choose where your data is stored. This gives you the assurance of knowing that your valuable business data isn’t just anywhere in the “cloud” but in a data centre in a country that you determine, where the respective data protection and data security laws apply.

TUEV Rheinland certificate

Certified security

The Fabasoft Cloud supports internationally recognised standards issued by independent auditors. These include ISO 20000, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISAE 3402 and most recently the "Certified Cloud Service" certificate from TÜV Rheinland. These seals of quality give you assurance and a common basis for comparison.

Know where your data is

Work globally. Store locally.

You might work around the world but your data stays at home. You have the freedom to work on any device, wherever you are without compromising data security. You always have the information you need to hand, with the assurance of knowing that it's protected to the highest standards of European data protection and data security.

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Know who you are sharing your data with


Teamrooms are the central element of the Fabasoft Cloud. For each Teamroom you define your team and what access rights these team members have (read access, change access, full control) and configure the security settings you want. Colleagues, business partners and clients receive invitations to work together in the Teamroom.

Secure login

The Fabasoft Cloud adopts an uncompromising approach to making sure that only trustworthy, securely authenticated people have access to your data. We believe that secure login is crucial in achieving this. Therefore two factor authentication is obligatory for all users. We also offer the latest in login technology via digital ID.

Cloud organisations

A trusted business network gives you the perfect environment for professional collaboration. Companies in the Fabasoft Cloud are represented by "Cloud Organisations". Employees are issued accounts by their organisation. You therefore work with organisation members rather than private individuals. 

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Know every change made

Know every change


Modern business requires adherence to strict compliance regulations. With continuous versioning and digital auditing functionality the Fabasoft Cloud answers these demands. You have full transparency and traceability of who has had access to what, what changes have been made and when.

Document versioning

Replace unsecure, large email attachments and clumsy FTP servers with secure links to content in the Fabasoft Cloud. Infinite versions of the same document lying unprotected give way to links to one central file with automatic versioning. Know where your data’s been and where it can go.

Dynamic watermarks

Dynamic watermarks allow you to track documents even if they leave the Fabasoft Cloud. Configure dynamic watermark settings to maintain the degree of control you want over your content. If a user prints out a document or saves it to a local drive your content is still protected.

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Mobilise your business content


On any device

Enjoy an elegant user experience no matter what device you use. With a fully responsive design, you simply have the freedom to work wherever you are and on whatever tablet or smartphone you want. Working mobile is both easy and secure.

High performance apps

Turn your tablet or smartphone into powerful business tools. The Fabasoft Cloud offers high performance apps for iOS and Android devices. These are available for free and provide tailored functionality for your mobile device.

Accessible for all

The Fabasoft Cloud user interface is fully accessible. Alongside optimum user-friendliness, this means removing any barriers for people with special needs. We are dedicated to making the Fabasoft Cloud accessible for all.

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Fabasoft Cloud Solutions

Collaborate securely with partners

Exchange information professionally with your business partners. With the cloud locations you always know where your data is stored and Teamrooms give you the perfect platform for managing collaborations.
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Manage shared business documents

Work securely and elegantly on project documents as a team. Manage access rights centrally and flexibly using Teamrooms. Continuous versioning and digital auditing give you full transparency and traceability.
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Mobile meeting documents

Having the relevant documents and information to hand is crucial for modern managers. Hard copies, full briefcases and missing documents belong to the past. Use tablets and smartphones with the Fabasoft Cloud.
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Our customers

Here’s a brief selection of our customers who already benefit from the advantages of the Fabasoft Cloud. From reliable collaboration and efficient project management to secure data exchange and mobile meeting documents. Find out more about our solutions.

Our customers


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